DCG members meet for the Credit Defaulters Discussion

DCG organized a meeting of the parties affected by recent runaway cases.

The meeting was hosted in Excelsior Hotel On 22nd December 2015 was attended by 35 affected parties who shared their view with board members of DCG.

Present members exchanged views and shared the experience of past cases and discussed how coming together with commonresources can be of benefit to all.

DCG shall soon call for a meeting of companies affected in one specific major case to get a common legal consulting.

Members also shared their view point on how everyone needs to play active role to ensure protection and better credibility for all, at times when the market sentiment is getting weaker.

It was unanimously agreed that Trade Credit Insurance is a very important tool which can be used to protect our interests.Companies should try and only deal with customers who have approved credit limits and should extent the credit within the approved credit limits. DCG has in past organized events and helped bring prominent companies from banking, insurance, financial consultants, credit rating companies etc to help guide members.

DCG appealed that members should help bring in more members to expand the network reach.

The business networking event proposed by DCG will be held in January 2016 and one of the primary objectives will be to bring members closer and to open up and share information, which will help improve business security.

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