Dubai IT group warns members to beware after robberies

​The Dubai Computer Group (DCG) is warning its members to be extra careful when carrying large amounts of cash, following three street robberies from resellers in the city.

Two incidents took place in the Deira part of Dubai, while a third theft occurred in the Bur Dubai district, the centre of Dubai's ‘Computer Street'.

In the Bur Dubai theft, AED200,000 ($54,450) was stolen from the reseller, while in one of the Deira robberies, AED50,000 was taken.

In the third incident, the victim had yet to reach the money exchange where they were due to collect a sum of cash. It has been common practice among many in the trading segment of the channel to transact business in cash. All of the robberies took place in daylight, but away from main roads in side lanes.

In at least one case, the robbers were armed with iron rods, although no one was seriously injured in any of the robberies.

An alert sent by DCG to its members advised: "We would like to inform our members to be very alert and if possible send at least two people to collect money or deliver goods in Deira. This is not only to protect the money but also [to avoid] possible injury as in one of the above cases the people were carrying iron rods."

All three incidents have been reported to Dubai Police, according to DGC, and the relevant authorities are believed to be investigating the thefts.

One of the thefts was caught on CCTV.

DCG said there was no indication that those in the IT trade were being targeted deliberately, but that there was a rise in these sorts of incidents where general business people were being robbed in some of the older parts of the city.

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